What do bed bug bites look like?

People can react very differently to bed bug bites.

By far the most common way the body reacts to bedbug bites (when and if it reacts) is by developing a large red rash or itchy blisters. They may swell up a little and look like larger mosquito bites.

Bits can be in a row but do not have to be. You will not be able to distinguish any “bite” i.e. as if the bedbug has taken a bite out of the skin. The bedbug does not actually bite, but sucks blood like a mosquito.

The most common places a bed bug bites are the arms and legs, but also the back and shoulders. However, this can vary depending on how you sleep. If you sleep a lot on your stomach, you are likely to get more bites on your back where the duvet is not against your skin.

If you have never been bitten by a bedbug before, the rash can last up to 14 days or so. Some people get a rash and itch for a very short time after the actual bite, while others have itching for a longer time. Many people do not react to bed bug bites at all, which can make it very difficult for them to detect infestations at an early stage.

bed bug bites, bites from bed bugs
Typical bed bug bites where the person has slept in a bed with a major bed bug infestation.

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