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Yes, absolutely.

No, insurance companies only cover the cost of clean-up. Dog searches are therefore at your own expense, whether you are a private individual or a company.

No, for the sake of our customers, we have chosen not to put our logo on our cars. Our cars are therefore completely anonymous.

No, we are specialists in our two areas and our dogs are trained on only bedbugs or rats and mice.

The only training we do is for our customers on bedbugs and rats. We train our crews internally. Unfortunately, we do not offer any search dog training or courses. If you want to train your dog, we recommend that you choose your training carefully. We recommend that you start by teaching your dog to search for kong, which is also a competitive event. Most search dogs are trained first and foremost on kong.

We are very keen to maintain a high standard in our industry and QDD is therefore a member of the Search Dog Association. Through BOSH, all our bedbug teams undergo an annual fitness test where accuracy, stamina and handler skills are assessed. The assessment is done by one of the selected assessors in BOSH. The assessors have many years of experience in working with search dogs in different industries and specializations. We do not assess our own teams. Read more about BOSH here

Yes, you can. However, additional charges such as mileage and travel expenses may apply. However, if we have other jobs planned nearby, we try to coordinate them to keep costs down.

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Questions & answers rats

Yes, our dogs can. QDD is authorized by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the County Administrative Board to hunt rats and mice with the help of dogs. We also have an annual reporting obligation to both authorities.

Yes, it is.

Yes, it is.

No, it is not allowed to carry out any form of hunting using a dog to catch and kill an animal without a special permit.

Yes, it happens.

Of course, this is something we always think about. We vaccinate all our dogs against the deadly disease Leptospirosis but this does not make them immune. We are careful about how we work to minimize the risks as much as possible.

Questions & answers bedbugs

How does a dog search work?

The handler first makes a visual check of the space to be searched. Once the visual check is completed, the handler retrieves the dog.

If the dog is marking, the handler will make a visual check of the site. What the handler is looking for are any traces of feces or shredded shells from bedbugs and/or the live bedbug. The findings are photographed and documented in a report that is sent to you digitally.

We encourage you to remove any items you have under your bed to facilitate the inspection. If you have a cat you can put it in the bathroom, if you have a dog you have to take it out of the apartment when the search dog comes in. Cat and dog food must be placed on the kitchen counter.

Otherwise, no special preparations are needed. We prefer all furniture to be in its usual position.

Yes, they can. Viable eggs have some scent, albeit very little. Our dog handlers are carefully trained with the dogs and know where to look.

We cannot make any guarantees, but what we can guarantee is that the work we do is done with great knowledge and care. A well-trained dog together with a skilled handler has a much higher chance of finding individual bedbugs compared to a visual check.

The advantages of a sniffer dog over a purely visual check are that the dogs are able to find what we find difficult to see. Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and are able to search larger areas in less time than a visual inspection. Finding an infestation of bedbugs at an early stage is important to minimize clean-up time, risk of spread and clean-up costs.

No, there isn’t. Our dog handlers are trained in the biology of bedbugs, where they settle and how they move. This means that our dog handlers are very careful in their handling of furniture and the like. Bedbugs are not like ticks and cannot stick to dog fur in the same way. In cases where the infestation is large, we do not bring our dogs in.

It is therefore completely safe to use us and our services.

We have many cases every year where our customers have received bites that worry them. This happens all year round. It is very difficult to assess bites as people can react very differently to bedbug bites. However, there are a number of different insects that can enter our homes and bite us but are completely harmless.

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